The truth about WATER! Bible secrets REVEALED! | FYM EXCLUSIVE

The truth about WATER! Bible secrets REVEALED! | FYM EXCLUSIVE

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20190628_0911151710923732579455311.jpgWater IS NOT What You Were Told!! | ALL EPISODES [by FYM2] – CLICK HERE OR THE PICTURE TO WATCH!!


2 thoughts on “The truth about WATER! Bible secrets REVEALED! | FYM EXCLUSIVE

  1. It always makes me laugh when people use the word planet. How can you read the book of Genesis the first two chapters, and call this a planet. Nowhere in scripture does God call the Earth a planet. Calls it a world. We have to change our language and stop using the lie that was set up by Satan. How can you have a firmament that separates the water some Waters, and have aliens from outer space. There is no such thing nobody gets past the firmament not through it not to our Earth and not beyond. There are no such thing as spaceships and satellites. Another lie NASA is a lie. We live on a still and stationary Earth. The word Earth, is not synopsis with the word planet. I’m no scholar but I know how to read and I know what the Bible says. The Sun the moon stars and luminaries were placed in the firmament which is God’s handiwork and it’s for times and seasons and signs. read your Bible for yourself. These are God’s words not mine


  2. Dr Moto came to the United States and taught a class in LA. I was one of 35 people that took his class. I have the deepest respect for this gentleman. I have signed autographed copies of his books and a lot of the teaching tools that he gave us during that seminar. There are photographs of myself in our class on my website internal I taught my very young children The power of words. By using a pendulum over little pieces of paper that had words written on them were the powerful they have energy and especially if you study the Hebrew


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