You can sign up for fym email newsletters on the sidebar colum on desktop. Or below the fym icon below this post on mobile. Simply enter your email and you are signed up.

After you sign up, Please help me get my mailchimp newsletters back. Mailchimp was the old system i preferred for email newsletters but they censored us!! Mail chimp has suspended my account and gave me no explanation!! Please send a complaint to them…Their email is support@mailchimp.com Also, please send a cc copy of your complaint to compliance+id7814625@mailchimp.zendesk.com

Please be polite and include how this is regarding newsleters from fyminbox@gmail.com. explain how you enjoyed recieving weekly newsletters from me and never had any issues or complaints with the news letters.

Thanks team!!
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here is how to contact them directly – https://mailchimp.com/contact/