Click below for the mainstream news report on this giant face Discovered in ANTARCTICA!!

Click below for fym’s video on giants Discovered In mountains!! 

20191025_0901183363500859785362283.jpgHIDDEN Mountain Discovery BAFFLES SCIENTIST!! (Journey To SKULL HILL) – CLICK HERE OR THE PICTURE TO WATCH!!

4 thoughts on “GIANT SKULL Discovered In ANTARCTICA?! | FYM NEWS ep23

  1. They gave this discovery short shrift, as usual. They were probably told by their higher-ups that they could show it as long as they poked fun at it and ridiculed it.


  2. I have watched every single video on FYM 1 and 2. I just discovered FYM 3 a few days ago and am glad I just saw this one today. I have plenty of photos I have taken myself here in Tucson, AZ of mountains with very distinct faces AND complete heads of giants. Not only that, but there is a huge mountain of, get this…the Mighty King Kong himself!! For 8 years I passed this mountain which I call Monkey Mountain, not because it’s a monkey, which it’s not, but because it rolls off the tongue much easier.

    This is a mountain of a giant ape with a baby ape on its back, or shoulders. The locals call it Catback Mountain but it is NOT A CAT!! It is an APE!! And it looks exactly like King Kong!! The head of this ape is hundreds of feet tall. I passed it several times a day for 8 years. It was only less than a mile from my house in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains. That head is why the entire mountain range was called the Cat-alinas.

    There might have been many King Kongs back then when it was alive, because right across the highway is another giant head. I have dozens of photos, not only of King Kong but many other faces in the rocks where I hiked up into the mountains. I have sent these to FYM but he never responds to my emails. Why not??

    I want to add that I never noticed any of the other dozens and dozens of faces and heads in the mountains surrounding not just my house on the western outskirts of Tucson, but all of the mountains surrounding all of Tucson and further north towards Phoenix until I watched his video of Skull Hill. The only one I noticed was King Kong (Monkey Mountain) because it was so prominent and remained in your view, if you were driving along Ajo Way due west, for several minutes. It’s so large and breathtaking it’s just unbelievable.

    I would like to resend these to FYM so that he can post these in another video. I hope he reads this comment and responds. This will be my last attempt.


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