Just Passed 50K subscribers on fym main channel!! Thanks for all the support!! I appreciate all of your likes x discussions in the comment sections as we put our minds together and figure out even more details about these incredible subjects on FYM. Special thanks to all of my PATREONS for helping to support FYM. I wouldn’t be able to spend as much time on this channel if it wasn’t for all of your support!! Another special thanks to everyone who clicked the notification bell and shared the videos!! You all are awesome and a big part of this channel and it’s reach to a new audience. I’m just getting warmed up!! MUCH MORE INCREDIBLE CONTENT ON THE WAY!! SEE YOU ALL SOON!!

Find all my links, updates, contact info x more at

Check out my latest video below!!
Mountains ARE NOT What We Were Told?! (Journey to Skull Hill) | FLAT EARTH BRAINSTORM ep1

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