2 thoughts on “The Flat Earth Society DIDN’T Want You To See This!! | Fe UNIVERSITY ep3

  1. Hey what’s up. My name is Dave Patterson, I finally found someone who is on the same wave length as me. As for theory on water, I will go as far to say The Lord is the water, and I truly believe that.  Each and every time I do anything with water, I thank it for the nourishment and livability and I even ask people if they were to invest in  anything, What would it be. When they ask me I tell them that I would invest in water.. I get the same response everytime…  Huh! Thanks man, I  l👀k forward to your videos, and yes, I’m very new to YouTube I’m not a fan of modern technology.

    • yeah, i haven’t came into any final conclusions yet…but i’m convinced water is something to do with the creator possibly as well.

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